Stuff collected from the Genesis forum thread:


- Activate someone's alchemy labor for them to do sacrifices.
- Altar of War, sacrifice weapons for a chance of getting a superweapon. Usually get gold or steel bars instead.
- Altar of Nature, sacrifice animal remains for a chance of getting a mandrake root seed. (older versions: get moon berry, which becomes expensive moonshine booze.) Or sacrifice ash to get nice oak logs, for emergencies, by Armok's mercy. Get ash from cremating your enemies in the Kiln.

- Altar of War: "the problem is if you have the Sacrifice Weapon running on repeat and you get one of the special weapons out of the sacrifice your guy will just use that for the next task. Was hoping there would be a way to stop him than checking the Altar after ever sacrifice."
"You can also make a weapon stockpile next to your altar that only accepts lower quality weapons. The fancy weapon will be carried off to be put in your main weapon stockpile, and your little crap quality stockpile will be used to fuel the altar."
"Well, if the Altar of War is set on repeat, then wouldn't the weapon sacrificing dwarf pick the nearest weapon (the artifact, since that's right inside the Altar of War workshop) before it can be carried off by a hauler?"
—perhaps altar would take in iron/steel and output red steel.

Skill workshops

- Weight lifting workshop trains shield and armor use: "Train with weights (shield)" and its armor-use counterpart.
- swimming pool requires no water to make. One can set it to be usable only by dabbling and novice level people, so those who learned to swim already won't practice.
- training dummy: you need wooden training spear for spear practice, etc.
- Obstacle Course trains dodging. If you have many idlers, build 4 courses and get people training (set on repeat).
Maybe OC still trains bow and crossbow as a leftover from buggy archery targets.

Other workshops

- At the kiln you can make bricks (special stone blocks). Also, make "dry fuel briquettes (desert rose)" and "dry fuel briquettes (hearth bush)", get fuel from harvested woody-stem bushes!
- At the kiln you can cremate 2 bodyparts and one ash to get 60% of a Fat bar.
- At the kiln you can cremate vermin remains for 60% ash bars (reqs furnace operating)
- Furniture workshop can make stone beds from stone and cloth. Can make wooden millstone. Also it can dismantle stone and wood furniture, useful in emergencies where you need one wood/charcoal for fuel.
Can make glass grates and glass&cloth beds too.

- Stone Grinder workshop, atom-smashes ten stones at a time. Also makes stone-tip bolts from wood and stone. (Stone Age technology, better than wood only bolts.)

- Potted Plant (1x1), does nothing (for you to decorate your fortress).
- Chess Table, decorative.
- Display Case, decorative.
- Gaming Table, decorative.
- Gateball Field, decorative.

- "I plan to make a "scriptorium" workshop where dwarves will write "tomes" using "vellums". Vellums are made from leather. Now every library action will require a "tome" and it has 5% to be destroyed. It will at least SOMEHOW make library not free. I don't want to flood it with components (to keep it usable) but I want some minor thing which requires the player to have at least some low tech industry before he builds a library." —Deon
- You make leather into vellums in tannery (1 leather -> 5 vellums) but you need to make a Scriptorium to craft tomes and Library to read them.
- Scriptorium: 5% chance of writing an epic platinum tome instead of leather-bound tome.
- Library: read tome to raise skill, 5% chance of tome getting destroyed/beer-soaked/blood-soaked while reading. Best to assign one or two persons as allowed workshop-users.

- Philosopher's garden: practice concentration and judge of intent. But reading of philosophy tomes (judge of intent) is done at the library.
- Anatomical Theatre, train wound dressing, train suturing, train bone setting, train surgery.
- Theatre: consoling and comedy training.
- Training Crutch, train crutchwalking.
- Rockball court should train throwing using a boulder (haulful of stones).

- Charcoal furnace: An effective way to make coal. Two charcoal instead of one (trees are LARGE). Need stone blocks to construct.
- Blast Furnace: Suited for mass-smelting. Not very popular?


- How to mill plants:
make a rock quern at mason shop, build quern as a workshop, make lots of cloth or leather bags, command mill plants -repeat at the quern-workshop. (quern = hand-cranked mill stone)
Seed storage also requires lots of bags. One seed barrel has many bags so it's one valuable barrelful especially if there's silk bags.

- "Little trick - first workshop i am building in genesis is ALWAYS…loom. I noticed massive amounts of webs in some biomes, after first rains it's gone - so, try to designate WHOLE loom power to collecting as many webs as possible - quick way for nice amount of material at start. It is VERY useful later." —McBeer

- buy and melt excess anvils to get metals for armor. Also melt large enemy armors and metal cages. And bolts and crossbows, because it's the axes, swords and armor that win battles.
- after purchasing metal bars from the caravan, check if finishing forge or crucible now offer steel-making.
- pastured dogs and other trainables must be removed from pasture before they can be trained.
- put cage traps in the corridor that leads to the caverns, for security and elk bird taming.
- dig a pasture & herbs & trees cave in a soil layer. The plants and trees will start growing there once you've opened the caverns and the mushroom spores float around the map.
- prepare for the chance that a fire-breathing hostile will attack your entrance area — preferably DO NOT have a grassy soil cave there or you'll get indoor bushfire.

New version 3.25

  • re-added tetrahedrite
  • a lot of fixes to entities
  • renamed rock grinder to stonecutter's workshop and added stone weapon creation
  • added alchemical workshop with an alchemy system
  • added 50 placeholder reactions for the future use
  • added feldspar (works as cassiterite for glazing)
  • added more tree variety to swamp biomes (no more "willow only swamps")
  • fixed ironworks
  • renamed pure iron to coarse iron
  • vilified elves
  • beautified some weird-looking custom workshops (theatre, blast furnace etc.)


  • Create artificial rubies __ 3 cut clear glass + gold bar = 3 cut rubies
  • Create artificial star rubies __ 3 cut crystal glass + gold bar = 3 cut star rubies
  • Transmute aluminum into mithril __ aluminum bar + brimstone boulder = mithril bar + 75% brimstone boulder
  • Transmute billon into tin (2 to 1) __ 2 billon bars + flux boulder = tin bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute brass into tin (2 to 1) __ 2 brass bars + flux boulder = tin bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute cobalt into iron (2 to 1) __ 2 cobalt bars + flux boulder = iron bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute copper into gold (2 to 1) __ 2 copper bars + flux boulder = gold bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute gold into copper (2 to 1) __ 2 gold bars + flux boulder = copper bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute gold into sun gold (2 to 1) __ 2 gold bars + orthoclase boulder = sun gold bar + 75% orthoclase boulder
  • Transmute lead into tin (2 to 1) __ 2 lead bars + flux boulder = tin bar + 75% flux boulder
  • Transmute silver to moon silver (2 to 1) __ 2 silver bars + selenite boulder = moon silver bar + 75% orthoclase boulder
  • Transmute zinc into tin (2 to 1) __ 2 zinc bars + flux boulder = tin bar + 75% flux boulder