It is said that there was a first werewolf who was a person cursed by a powerful sorcerer of the past. People say that if you slay him, the curse should disappear and all werewolves return to their "normal" state again.

This myth is a great insult for the proud werewolf tribes. They believe that their common progentior "The Great Wolf" was an ancient god who created their lifestyle and traditions, and they think that it's the only "true" way to live.

Werewolves do not wait for your fortress to grow. As soon as they scent your dwarves they will send large packs to siege and obliterate you. They do not care for your metals or wealth, they hunt.


Starting Biomes: Taiga, any temperate forest.
Suitable Biomes: Any forest, any wetland, any river, any lake.
Settlement type: Retreat.

Categories: Races