Dwarves are "intelligent" humanoid creatures with disproportionately large livers that live in fortresses carved from mountains and are very well known for their stout appearance and the big beards covering their faces. They are the featured race of the Fortress Mode and are also one of the races playable in Adventure Mode. They are mainly interested in acquiring wealth and rare metals, especially adamantine. Their most hated enemies are the demonic dominion and illithids. They also despise elves for their "tree-huggery" and dislike of metals.

Compared to humans, Dwarves are stronger, shorter, stockier, and hairier (dwarven male children are born with beards). They are tough with a heightened sense of their surroundings and are highly focused and "intellectual" creatures.

Dwarves are the only race that sometimes enters a martial trance when beset by many foes, which gives them combat bonuses. They are also alcohol-dependent and work slowly if deprived of it for long. Some specimen have been known to develop an intolerance for sunlight.

- "The "all females" issue in the Dwarf Therapist comes from the fact that ANY non-"stone-dwarf-male" caste is considered to be female (because it checks not for real gender settings but for the caste name). In the game I usually get a balanced amount of males and females." —Deon


Starting Biomes: Mountains.
Suitable Biomes: Mountains.
Settlement type: Mountain halls.


The dwarves of Genesis have different castes, each with their own abilities and disabilities:

Stone Dwarves
Stone dwarves are the most frequent caste of the mountain dwellers. They have thick skin and muscles and they almost lack pain receptors in these tissues. Also their bones are hard and heal quickly, so the frequent cave-ins they cause is not a big deal for them.

Aspid Dwarves
It's unknown what caused the appearance of Aspid dwarven caste. Some say they were some cultists worshipping a great snake god, some say they were affected by a forgotten beasts' poison. In any case, nowadays it's possible to meet dwarves which bear the mark of the snake. (The Aspid dwarves' bites melt enemies and may start nasty flesh-fires.)

It is said that gloomers are born to a family which was cursed by a god or an ancestor spirit. These bold beardless dark skinned abominations are paranoid and malevolent. Their body is weaker than of a dwarf, but they cannot conduct a disease and their saliva becomes a strong web when it contacts a surface. Sometimes dwarves say that gloomers are possessed by spirits of dead Giant Cave Spider. They rarely make friends and are doomed to be outcasts of the dwarven society. Unless they like to party a lot.

Ice Dwarves
(Caste removed since didn't want to make lots of ice-immune tissues for special caste. Previously… all castes got the same cold and fire immunity.)
The Ice dwarves' caste has appeared when dwarves started to settle glacier areas. While they survived in such harsh regions without proper supplies and developed an affinity to ice, they developed ability to heal and cure their brethren through unusual ways, which makes them good doctors and diagnosticians.

Jade Dwarves
Jade dwarves do not possess magical powers or twisted bodies, actually they are common dwarves. But their learning abilities and mental discipline make other dwarves' look like idiots. They carefully pick new members of their caste and share their knowledge and secrets with them. They often take roles of nobles and scholars. (TomiTapio's cutting edge release: they don't learn military skills any better than others.)

Moss Dwarves
It is said that Moss dwarves can live anywhere. While it's not totally true, they can be good settlers in savage areas. They do not catch diseases as easy as other dwarves, and their flesh heals at a lightning speed, making them easier to survive in location with a constant outside threat.

Obsidian Dwarves
Obsidian dwarves have a spirit of an ancient origin. They can manipulate fires at will, summoning a sparkle to lighten their way. They are natural blacksmiths, they learn smithing skills really fast.

Shroom Dwarves
It is said that if you eat too many mushrooms and drink too much mushroom wine, your baby will be a Mushroom dwarf. These guys are extremely cheerful, sometimes even maniacal and crazy. They cannot learn as fast as other dwarves, but they can give births to multiple babies and they mature very fast. Their lowered vision doesn't stop them from trying to get anywhere you do not want them, just to see what's up with that place. (1 year as a baby, 7 years as a child, at age 8 they are considered adults.)

Domple Dwarves
(TomiTapio's cutting edge release only) Unfortunately, some dwarves will never realize the glory of metalworking or stonecrafting. They are slow of mind, haphazard of beard, and childlike in thought. Their blades will never strike true and even the goats will laugh at them. Learning is not for them, but they don't get distracted from their hauling duty. If they are ever given a weapon, it should be a mace.

Warrior Dwarves
(TomiTapio's cutting edge release only) The warrior mindset lets these learn the ins and outs of combat quicker than their fellows. Their legs however can never be as swift as the fastest other castes.

Steel Dwarves
Steel dwarves are rarely born, and usually to a family which was blessed by a deity. They take longer to mature (adult at 16), but they always become great heroes and strong leaders. Nobody saw a sick steel dwarf either, it looks like they just ignore any disease they encounter. Their bodies emanate power, and even the deepest wounds regenerate quite quickly.

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